The Ahava V'achva Orchestra

There are so many "Od Yishama's" and "Asher Bara's" and there are countless Simcha Orchestras, one man bands and Dj's. How will I ever choose the one that will help make my wedding day the most meaningful and special day It can possibly be?
 In 2005 Ahava V'achva was released, and since then these special songs have guided hundreds of young couples down the aisle into marital bliss...(we hope!). These songs were originally written for friends who were getting married and soon enough the album came to fruition. Since then the musician's in the band have developed into an amazing orchestra with many styles ranging from Jazz, Rock, Yeshivish, Chasidish, Sefaradi, Klezmer and Carlebach, to give every simcha just the right feel and the music that YOU will enjoy, and dance with your friends all night long. Here's a few clips to enjoy!

Call:   054-943-6343 (Israel)  or  718-971-6347  (America)
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